Quintin Cambridge: "What To Do" Music Video

Oooh man, if you've never heard of Quintin Cambridge, you're about to!

The Florida artist has been building up and taking his time to drop some heat and he has finally delivered.

Starting off his music journey in 2014 and he has been constantly evolving and improving every single drop.

Quintin recently up Iinked up Indie Indigo to released the "What To Do" music video and we got the chance to connect and learn a bit behind the track.

It seems like the inspiration behind the track is one for the books... and the inspiration behind the track seems to be...

"Paul Pierce's game winning shot in the 2003 NBA Eastern Conference Final!"

Quintin continued to share...

"It’s just a talk your shit kinda record. I felt that same energy and confidence that Paul Pierce had when he was talking his shit to Al Harrington with 20 secs left on the clock. The meaning behind what to do, Is that you might not know what to do sometimes but you gotta go for it regardless and have that confidence in yourself!"

Honestly, the message behind the song is just on point. Not only that but "What To Do" definitely gives off a game day vibe.

From the beat to the energy to the message behind the track, "What To Do" is just a gem of a track.

Quintin Cambridge didn't just come breaking down walls with sound quality, but with cinematic as wells.

The "What To Do" music video got quality written all over it. Quintin and Indie really put the track's energy into the visuals and it's contagious.

There's not much more to say, but Quintin Cambridge did not come here to play around!


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