RAQ: Upcoming Project “UP - Unlocked Potential”!

North Virginia artist, RAQ drops the main track of his upcoming debut tape!

The 21-year- old artist has been making music since late 2018, messing around FL studios creating random tracks for fun.

Earlier in his music journey, RAQ seemed to have experienced a rush of energy from making music. Releasing random tracks that put a roadblock in his music career later in life.

"I wish I never dropped my first few songs because that ended up turning a lot of people off to the point where they won't tap back in now..."

Luckily, RAQ has grown a lot since and reflected on his music to create a better artist brand for himself. The beginning was just a crucial part of his journey and now he's going harder because of it.

RAQ continued with a piece of advice for new artists...

"New artists if you're reading, understand that your first few drops are extremely important because that's everyone's first impression of your music..."

Speeding forward to the present, RAQ is getting ready to release his upcoming tape “UP - Unlocked Potential” in September with another single dropping on August 19. The main title track of the project is out now, titled "Psycho" featuring Xhulooo.

The high-energy trap track sets the bar high for the upcoming tape with RAQ coming in with a hard verse.

RAQ has shown great improvements over the years and has insane potential to grow into something better. His upcoming project is set to include many features such as Xhulooo and BIGBABYGUCCI. As well as many different producers such as Saahil, Vintage, Glorytee, Mingo, and a lot more.

We're really excited to see what RAQ has in store for everyone with his upcoming project “UP - unlocked potential” but for now we barely got a taste for it.

"The meaning behind this project is basically like look at me, look who I'm able to be and look at where I'm going."

The main track for RAQ's upcoming debut tape is out now, stream "Psycho" on all streaming platforms, or check it out here and stick around for RAQ's upcoming project “UP - Unlocked Potential”!


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