RashFord: "Wrong (XO)" Single

Atlanta artist, Rashford, releases an R&B track titled "Wrong (XO)"!

We briefly linked up with Rashford on his latest single "Wrong (XO)" to learn more about him and the inspiration behind the track.

"I started making music in HS on a headset mic off audacity."

Since then, Rashford has improved his sound quality and has experimented with many different genres.

Rashford's latest single "Wrong (XO)" is much different than his usual work. He showcases a softer and more vulnerable side of himself.

"I got my heart broken by my last shorty, shit hurt so bad I made an R&B mixtape.. lol."

He continued...

"I guess it represents me as a vulnerable human being. In most of my music, I have this persona of being extra aggressive when I’m actually multifaceted and this song is the beginning of me showing that side to the public."

Rashford did a great job laying down his emotions on this track and setting the vibe for the track.

This track might be Rashford's first time with a concept like this but it really shows how versatile he can be. Not just aggressive, but soft and tender as well.

Make sure to check out Rashford's latest single "Wrong (XO)" down below or check out one of our recommended tracks!

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