Ray Matix: "Ohh Well" - New Single

North London's, Ray Matix drops straight gas with his new track "Ohh Well" and it's not a track you don't wanna miss!

The 22-year-old has only been in the game for 2 years but his energy and flow are insanely out of this world. Though many may argue that Ray Matix sounds just like the rest of the new age underground, We disagreed.

Ray Matix doesn't cap in his tracks or use pointless lyrics to fill his tracks. Also, his baby voice is legit, and has used it in a variety of different tracks with different beats. He doesn't just stick to one genre because that's what works best for his gimmicks.

With that being said, His new track "Ohh Well" hits so hard that you'd think he's an industry plant.

"Ohh Well" became one of our favorite tracks upon first listen and we are so excited Ray Matix gave us an insight into the makings of the track.

"The whole track was a ‘freestyle’ straight off the dome, literally got a beat pack from T.99 the same day I recorded it, I heard the beat & told my engineer to slap it in straight away! The rest was history..."

Ray Matix also shares with us the inspiration behind the track.

"My spending habits definitely inspired Ohh well hahaha..."

Ray Matix is one of the few artists putting the London Underground Scene onto new sounds.

Can't say anything more but this track is absolute fire... and to be honest, might have already spent a couple of bands while listening to this track... "Ohh well".

Make sure to check out Ray Matix's new single "Ohh Well" here and stick around for his upcoming “Super Yucky” mixtape!


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