Rayy Blank: Coming Up from Atlanta

19 year old, Rayshaun Stewart, Aka Rayy Blank, is putting in the work and quickly starting to prove just how much he belongs in the game.

The Atlanta native has been focusing on every aspect of his music since the age 16. Perfecting his writing, producing, and mixing.

His latest work, the album “Mosa World,” is his best work to date. With bangers like “No Time” and “Bad News,” We were really excited to get to know more about this young artist.

We linked up with him to learn more about him and his latest work.

Rayy Blank, What’s your favorite part of the music process?

“My favorite part of making music is brainstorming in the studio with my friends. Goofing off in the process makes the music sound better to me and in the end everything just comes out right.”

What was it like putting the “Mosa World” album together and what’s your favorite track from it?

“I worked extremely hard on it and it came out how I wanted it to. Majority of the songs were recorded during some hard times in my life... I feel like Bad News is one of my best songs to date.”

What’s something you’d like your fans to know to better understand your music?

“Music takes time and process. I always find my best free time staying in the studio and that’s how I feel [like] I survive, just making music. I try to make music for people to feel good to..”

Do you have any upcoming drops?

“I’m always working on new projects so I can’t say if I know when anything is going to be released. I will say I might have some new music either towards the end of this year or early next year.”

Rayy Blank’s talent and hard work have certainly caught the eyes of many new fans and we can’t wait to see how he evolves over the next few years.

“Mosa World” is out now on all streaming platforms so make sure to check it out.

Make sure to stream “Bad News” down below or check out our recommended track. Stick around to see the rise of Rayy Blank!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "No Time"

  2. "Monster"

  3. "Bad News"


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