Redrum Rez: The New Underdog

Redrum Rez is one of the most underrated artists out right now and y'all are just about to get to know more about him!

The 22 year old San Diego native has been making music since September of 2018. Known for his chill trap vibes, Redrum Rez has made great tracks like "Knomii Weight" and dropped good projects like his most recent EP "Vol. 1".

Co-signed by Fashion influencer Ian Connor, the young artist doesn't only have good style with his music but he got good drip too. Redrum Rez's overall music, creativity, and influence are super underrated.

Redrum Rez has even performed along since Travis Scott at Travis's 2019 Grammy stage.

We recently got the chance to link with him and learn a bit about his inspirations for his music.

"I genuinely love music It’s the only thing that gets us through our daily lives day by day. Not only that but to also give hope to the kids who feel like weirdos or outcasts. Make a connection through music. Give them the confidence they need. Let them know I was once in their shoes & It’s okay to break barriers whether It’s insecurities or seeking their full potential to whatever they set their mind to regardless of what anybody says."

It's always great to hear when an artist genuinely loves music and cares about the listener. It's clear that Redrum Rez just makes music for the right reasons and for love and connection.

After getting to know a bit about Redrum Rez he left us with one last message about his character and his music.

"I would say I’m a very open-minded, humble person. I pay homage to the OG’s that’s of course. Most definitely don’t speak very much I usually just let the music do all the talking. To be honest my music is like a glitzy atmospheric melodic trap-influenced roller coaster tied in with hypnotic production & raw euphoric energy. To sum it up my music just makes you smile no matter what I’m saying or what I’m doing. Whether you're going through something or you're just trying to turn up you’ll smile regardless I guarantee you."

Honestly, Redrum's music genuinely just puts a smile on your face. If not, it at least just makes you chill and vibe.

Redrum Rez's latest EP "Vol. 1" is a great example of just what he was talking about and we recommend you go and check it out.

Redrum Rez is a true underdog coming for the taking and we can't wait to see him start to get more recognition!

Listen to his "Vol. 1" EP here.


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