Redrum Rez: "F.T.B"New Single!

RedRum Rez is back with a new single "F.T.B"!

With all the stress going on in his life RedRum Rez said "F*ck The B*llsh*t!" and let his feeling out in his new single "F.T.B".

Airing out all his emotions and speaking through his track.

"A lot of bullshit going on in my life, to be honest. Whether it’s haters, girlfriends, or people just in general who just don’t want you to succeed in anything you do... you just got to say “Fuck the Bullshit” & keep it moving no matter what."

"You’ll never catch me airing out my private business on these social media platforms except my songs. That’s the only outlet where I’ll address what’s going on in my life."

RedRum Rez stays true to himself and lets his music speak. Throwing punches and jaws back at life.

Honestly, "F.T.B" is just that track. The one you get hyped to every morning and instantly just gets you a jolt of energy to start grinding.

RedRum Rez's new single "F.T.B" is out now on all streaming platforms. Make sure to check it out here or down below!


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