Rich J Kid: "Demon Flow" MV

Rich J Kid dropped a new single this Friday along with a new music video!

Rich J Kid has dropped some quality music videos in the past and it's hard to imagine it could get any better BUT.... it just did!

His new track "Demon Flow" is a hard-hitting drill track that does not leave you disappointed.

Rich speaks on his signature sound...

"Had to go switch my flows, they copy me, but I know how it goes.."

and all the "demons" that surround him trying to bring him down.

To protect himself he hits the church in his new "Demon Flow" music video.

Directed by X Lowlife, Rich J Kid's "Demon Flow" music video takes the track to a whole other level.

The neon cross and the set/locations overall bring the whole video production to the top of the list of Rich MVs, if not, it is the best Rich J Kid music video to date.

Rich J Kid is always leveling up and he proves it with every single drop.

"Demon Flow" is out now and available on all streaming platforms.

Make sure to check out Rich J Kid's new single and check out the new "Demon Flow" Music video above!


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