Rich J Kid: "See The Vision"

It's been a few months since Rich J Kid dropped his "SEE THE VISION" project, but we still haven't gotten enough of it!

Aside from delivering one of his best projects to date, Rich J Kid dropped some amazing visuals with his "SEE THE VISION" Album.

Inspired by his own personal vision, Rich J Kid delivered 14 tracks filled with his visions for the future including "I Can't Stop" and "Bad To The Bone," two of his most popular tracks leading up the release.

Rich J Kid is known for his 'can't stop, won't stop' attitude and he said just that with his "STV" album. From the first track all the way to the last.

"SEE THE VISION" displayed his versatility and showed a whole different side to what Arizona has to offer. Of course, Rich isn't what you'd expect from an Arizona artist, but he proved just what he's made of.

From hard trap beats to drill and melodic vibes, Rich came through to see his vision with his third eye.

Honestly, Rich J Kid set himself up for success with his "STV" album and there's nothing to do but watch this young artist rise even more than he already is.

Stream Rich J Kid's "SEE THE VISION" album here or check out one of our recommended tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "KOBE"

  2. "See The Vision"

  3. "Third Eye"


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