Rickyrax: New EP "Rockstar Lifestyle"

Pennsylvania artist, Rickyrax drops a new project to celebrate his birthday!

The "Rockstar Lifestyle" EP features 6 tracks that showcase the many different styles and genres Rickyrax has been experimenting with.

"The concept of this Project is living your life to the fullest. Being yourself and doing whatever you want to do in life without caring about what anybody has to think about you. Being a true Rockstar."

Rickyrax started to pursue music at full force at the age of 19 and has been growing a lot since as an artist.

The "Rockstar Lifestyle" EP really displays his growth with complex beats and hard-hitting bars.

You could really say he's on his way to creating a name for himself by continuing to follow his heart and really raising his game.

Rickyrax's "Rockstar Lifestyle" EP is out now. Make sure to check it out!


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