Riot Angel: "Hate Growing Up" Review

New York's most underrated artist, Riot Angel, drops a new alternative track and we're absolutely loving it!

Dropped mid-June, Riot Angel's latest single, "Hate Growing Up", really shows a more developed and improved side. From sound quality to a more natural flow and awesome visuals, we're now seeing the slow rise of Riot Angel.

Starting off with the vibe, energy, and effortless flow, it really feels like the perfect summer track to just get loose and forget all your troubles. The sound quality of this track is the best of any other Riot track so far and we couldn't be more excited about that, because it really just makes the track so much better.

Aside from dropping a great track, Riot Angel gave us some great visuals. Really just showing the carefree Riot and her team.

Riot Angel's latest track "Hate Growing Up" is currently one of our favorite tracks and it's the perfect summer track to vibe to at the beach or on a summer road trip.

Check it out down below and let us know what you think!


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