RIPPY: New Single "Heist" featuring Surf!

Rising underground artist, RIPPY links up with Surf for his new single "Heist"!

The Asian-American artist shows off his skill and influence by linking up with one of the biggest names in the underground, Surf, in one of his best tracks yet.

The high-energy track showcases RIPPY's versatility, creativity, and showmanship.

Originally, the track was a freestyle in the vault... 'till one day it wasn't.

"This was deadass just a freestyle. I just kept punching in and was writing about past experiences. Before I hit the studio I was watching a bank heist movie and figured I’d throw a bar in there referencing that."

The adding of the heist bar may have seemed random, but it ultimately was a crucial addition to the track. Setting the whole storyline for the track.

"This song basically showcases how people can take advantage when you start to give them what you have and to be careful of fakes like that."

RIPPY deliberately takes you on a high-risk story of vengeance and hostile energy as a warning to keep that fake energy away from him.

The inclusion of Surf came to us as a surprise as we weren't sure how well both artists' different styles would mix together. Lucky, RIPPY showed out with one of his many different flows and energies that Surf was just able to drop a sweet verse, seamlessly with little effort whatsoever.

Both RIPPY's energy and Surf's perfectly complimented each other, with Surf just picking up the flow and delivering a great verse.

"Heist" is just a great track. It has great sound quality, awesome energy, and two of the best underground artists. in the game.

RIPPY is rumored to drop a new album sometime in September, as well as rumors about a new track with Koi.

RIPPY's new single "Heist" featuring Surf is out now on all streaming platforms, check it out here and stick around to see the rise of RIPPY!

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