RIPPY: “Nightmares, Nightly” New Album

Korean artist, RIPPY is back with a new album dedicated to his hometown of Boston titled “Nightmares, Nightly”!

The Vegas resident reminisces on the youthful days in his hometown. Starting off with the track “All-Star”, he set the layout of the album with lyrics like “I’m ‘posed to be an All-Star in my city but they hate”, possibly implying why he left Boston.

With the release of his new album and the meaning behind it, We briefly linked up with RIPPY to learn a little more about the making of the project.

“This project has been a year in the making and is inspired by my experiences in my hometown and all the trouble me and my friends used to get into.”

He continued….

“This project is heavily inspired by and dedicated to my friend who’s in prison, caprisunog.”

RIPPY briefly features a voice clip of Caprisunog in his track “Wing Ridden Angel”. He shouts him out him the same track saying, “They say I got the juice like caprisun, free all my bros that’s word to caprisun”.

The “Nightmares, Nightly” album was released on Halloween day and in less than 2 weeks has collectively earned about 10K streams on all streaming platforms. A new record for the rising star.

RIPPY has definitely made a statement in the last few months and he’s not to be messed with. This new album includes many great tracks with great sentiments behind them.

Stream RIPPY’s new album “Nightmares, Nightly” on your favorite streaming platform or click one of our recommended tracks down below!

Recommend Tracks:

1. “Heist” (ft. Surf)

2. “Wing Ridden Angel” (ft. Caprisunog)

3. “Greatest Ever” (ft. G Fredo)

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