Ruggo: "Never Know" New Single + MV

19-year-old Ryan Sheerer, AKA Ruggo, drops a new track and visuals!

The Sylmar valley artist has been making music since the age of 12, just playing around with his old laptop. Only to start his music career a few later at the age of 15.

Growing up in a small space in his grandma's house with his near homeless family, Ruggo started to write down about his family and using music to speak on his reality.

Now, Ruggo has grown and is receiving a lot more attention and support from the industry.

Ruggo recently released a new single titled "Never Know" and we got the chance to dive in a little more into the story behind it.

"I think it's a great reflection of who I am right now. All the things I've been going through or experiencing at this moment in time."

He continued...

"This track was just an accumulated amount of pressure that needed to be addressed. I'm really bringing to light the effects of having so many expectations put on me and, the feeling of letting time just fly by me without feeling like anything's moving for me or like I'm wasting all my time putting all my effort into something that isn't promised. I'm just letting it all spill in this song really."

"Never Know" is really just a great track that not only puts into perspective Ruggo's feelings but also the listener. That we do things and feel things and think we know things, but in reality, we never really know.

The feeling and energy of the song is something that stands out as self-motivation and it seems like Ruggo wrote it with that intention as well...

"Really though, the song is more of like a benchmark for me, showing me how far I've come and the fact that I have so much to work for. Whether I see things as pressure or extra weight on me, one could argue they're all blessings, and I need to continue to push myself to maintain them all. So I see this song as a reason to keep going, because there's a reason I've made it this far and haven't let the pressure break me up to this point."

Ruggo's "Never Know" is a pat on the back for all his wins and a clap for all the times he kept living through life no matter how hard it was.

For the listener, it gives off the same feeling. A track that just lets you know the struggles are for a reason and you never know the outcomes.

As always, Ruggo keeps it humble in his music video, just spitting his bars and roaming around his hometown, but never giving less than average cinematography.

Ruggo relives a lot of emotions in this track and personally, I love this track. It hits home and really tells the listener it's okay to have a brunch of problems and nothing to live for just as long as you don't give up because you "Never Know."

Make sure to check out Ruggo's new single "Never Know" and stick around for his next drop!


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