Sample God: “Top Down” New Single!

Rising star, Sample God drops a brand new single titled “TOP DOWN”!

The amazing 22-year-old has been making music for about 4 years. Since the start, Sample God has always been an artist to keep an eye on. He’s dropped some amazing singles throughout the year including his viral single “Sorrow”.

Known for his versatile style and amazing vocals, Sample God makes a comeback with a pop track titled “TOP DOWN”. The new single is one of the few amazing singles he’s dropped this year. Compared to one of his previous singles, “PLAYA”, this track features a heavy base pop beat with catchy lyrics and even a rap verse. Though Sample God is a master of alternative tracks, he always shows off his versatility, and “TOP DOWN” is just one of those tracks that proves why he’s one of the best.

Upon the release, we briefly linked up with Sample God to learn more about the process of making the track.

“I was out in L.A with my manager @yomanitsalex just looking for opportunities and ended up at a big time producers studio for the whole day, I made a couple tracks but this one stood out the most to me at the time. The producer was out and let us into his studio for the day. Being an audio engineer, I understood how to work all the equipment so no other person was needed for the recording, mixing, and mastering process.”

Besides making the track all by his lonesome and proving he’s not just a great artist, but also a triple threat, Sample God shared a bit about the inspiration behind the track.

“All of my music is based on events I’ve dealt with in the past and or present, this song was about a certain moment in time where I was feeling somebody and they seemed to reciprocate a similar emotion. Until they just decided they wanted nothing to do with me and move onto another person, trying to cover themselves with lies for explanations.”

We all know heartbreak makes for great music but we hope Sample God can find a real one.

“TOP DOWN” is just one of Sample God’s many awesome tracks and we have no doubt he’s soon to be a big artist

Check out Sample God’s new single “TOP DOWN” down below and stick around for more music!


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