Santo X: A Different Kind Of Art

With a seamlessly easy flow and style, Santo X, is just a different kind of artist. One you have to listen to, not just vibe out to.

The Atlanta rapper started his career back in 2018, using music as an outlet for his life’s struggles. Since then, he’s made a lot progress; However, his unique style and flow has remained the same.

Santo X has hard hitting beats with a flow that may seem like mumble rap, but in reality its more of a conscious, genuine, trap rap flow. His style is one you can just vibe to but also rage to. His latest track “MONE MI$$ION” is a great example of just that.

What stands out the most about Santo X is his sound. Although, you can tell he has experimented with different styles of music, his signature sound remains the same. His flow and style is really what makes him different, it comes so naturally and there’s no doubt that he knows his sound. Soon enough everyone will now his sound too.

With his new project waiting to come within the next few months. We hope to get an inside glimpse into more of his consciousness. Until then, check out one our recommended tracks by Santo X.

Stream Santo X’s latest track “MONEY MI$$ION” down below.

Recommended Tracks:

1. "No Coppin Freestyle"




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