Sean Ems: “ShapeTheWrld” EP Review

Sean Ems drops his first EP titled “ShapeTheWrld”!

This isn’t the first time we feature the 20-year-old Latino from Pasco Washington. We’ve previously reviewed his track “No Pasa Nada”, a Spanglish track that really had us on the edge of our seat. Now, he’s returned with a 5 track EP.

Sean Ems has always been an interesting character. His tracks can be hit or miss, but it’s nice to see him set up his music game with a project.

First off, Sean Ems uses very versatile beats throughout the whole EP. Each track Carrie’s out its own message, but overall the theme of the project seems to be a brief introduction of himself. Starting off with the track “WHO IS EMS?” to the last track “IamBUTCHER”, introducing himself and ending with vulnerable thoughts.

Overall, the “ShapeTheWrld” EP is a good start as far as project releases for Sean Ems. He’s definitely had better work before, but this is a special introduction to himself. The sound quality is adequate throughout and it’s got at least one track everyone can love.

Sean Ems newest EP “ShapeTheWrld” is out now on all streaming platforms. Make sure to check it out by clicking here!


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