ShawniB: "Love, ShawniB" EP

South Carolina artist Shawn Bufford, AKA ShawniB drops 5 track EP "Love, ShawniB". Showing off creativity like no one else in Carolina!

With just one year in the game, it's crazy to see how much quality work he puts out.

In just 5 tracks ShawniB managed to show so much versatility and put in a variety of different high energies. From "Blessing Me" to "Mixed Emotions" the energy stays high but varying from rage to psychedelic highs to even just motivation highs.

"Honestly what drove this project was Heart break. I went through my first heartbreak about 2 years ago now and everything I went through I just took the hurt to the studio and let it out."

Emotions are a very good motivation when it comes to music, but it's hard to believe a breakup drove this type of energy. The lyrics definitely reflect it, with tracks like "I Promise" and "Mixed Emotions," but it's crazy, from the beat selection and energy mixed with heartbreak lyrics ShawniB really did something different.

ShawniB really loves to experiment and we love that about him. It really makes his music so much better and the "Love, ShawniB" turned out great because of it.

Overall, we are very impressed and pleased with the outcome. Every single track is unique and of quality. There's nothing we can say but it's worth the listen.

ShawniB's "Love, ShawniB" is out now on all streaming platforms. Make sure to check it out here or click one of the recommended tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "I Promise"

  2. "Blessing Me"

  3. "Loves a Drug"


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