$helt: “INCEPTION” Deluxe Album!

$helt drops the deluxe version of his debut album “INCEPTION”!

The original album was released earlier this year. With 11 tracks and an introduction to the life of $helt the album was a great start to long cohesive projects for the young artist.

Now, he’s improved on his debut album with the new deluxe version. Including 11 new completely different tracks and more variety than before.

$helt seems to be more confident in this new album. His sound is crisp and his flow seems so effortless. It feels like $helt has finally found his sound.

Upon the release of his deluxe album, $helt had a few things to share with us about the album.

“This is the deluxe to my first album ever. Just feels like I'm finally developing my sound and I'm ready to show the world what I have to offer.”

He continued on to share the theme of the album and his goal for it.

“[INCEPTION] is the first look into the world of $helt. If you listen to every word you'll understand what i'm going through.”

$helt’s “INCEPTION” deluxe seems more well-executed than its previous version, but they both have something unique to share with the world. The story of $helt.

“INCEPTION” is officially out now on all streaming platforms. Check it out here or click one of the recommended tracks down below!

Recommend Tracks:

1. “MOSES”


3. “CAN’T BE ME”


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