Shogun V: “APOCALYPSE” New Album

Shogun V puts out his debut album “APOCALYPSE”!

The Bay Area native put out the best-executed debut album we’ve heard in a while. Starting off with a spooky introduction then making a full statement on what he’s here to do in the first track “SHOGUN VS THE WORLD”.

Shogun V had been working on this album for some time. He shared with us the journey of making the album as well as its inspiration.

“This tape is a collection of work I’ve acquired over the span of the ‘apocalypse’ I was homeless in 2020 writing a few of these in my car, going to other peoples houses to get some recordings in. Plotting on releasing everything full force when the time was right.”

I personally commend his hard work and effort. Using his music to keep his head up. As a person of homeless myself, I can understand the full meaning behind and sentiment behind the album.

He continued to share more on the inspiration behind it.

“The events leading up to COVID-19, the world shutting down, Tha Black Lives Matter movement, riots, and the world in a sense, going to hell, felt like the Apocalypse. And I was living in it. This project is an experience of what I did during the end of the world.”

As a proud Bay Area boy, especially from Daily City, Shogun V really put a lot of his pride for his hometown in the album.

The Bay Area has a very unique sound when it comes to music and Shogun uses that sound and mixes it with his own unique style.

The “APOCALYPSE” album is a very well-executed and versatile album, With something for another. From old-school hip-hop to Alternative and Classic west coast vibes.

Overall, Shogun V did a great job and his residence really paid off.

Make sure to stream Shogun V’s new album “APOCALYPSE” on your favorite streaming platform. Click here or check out one of the recommended tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "Vivid"

  2. "For Your Love"

  3. "Look At Me"

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