Sk8star: Latest "Superstar Status" EP

Atlanta artist, Sk8star released his "Superstar Status" EP earlier this year and we finally get to say it's one of our favorite projects this year!

The 6 track project isn't something you can digest in just one listen. It requires a developed palate and several listens to really hear how great this project is.

Clearly inspired by Lil Uzi, Travis Scott, and more. The project follows the concept of a "Superstar." Including, crazy beats and variant sounds.

The tracks "Out my body" and "Give em hell" really contrast each other and give the project a refreshing feeling. It doesn't feel like you're just listening to the same sh*t, different track.

Sk8star also pulls out his baby voice in the track "Burnt out," which really caught us by surprise.

Overall, the "Superstar Statues" EP is a great put together project and Sk8star really showcased just what kind of artist he is in it.

Make sure to check out Sk8star's "Superstar Statues" EP here and check out our recommended tracks down below!

Recommended tracks:

  1. "Out My Body"

  2. "Burnt out"

  3. "Give em hell"


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