SLATTMANDAN: “Reflections” Debut Album!

SLATTMANDAN makes a comeback with his debut album titled “Reflections”!

The young Florida artist hasn’t been in the game for long, barely starting his career about the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, but SLATTMANDAN has made some great headway in just a few months.

After releasing his first 4 solid tracks, SLATTMANDAN makes the bold move to drops a 9 track album.

“Reflections” is a versatile album with the signature SLATTMANDAN sound. Aggressively, versatile, and cutthroat. It’s amazing how talented this young 16-year-old is.

Upon the release of his debut album, we linked up with SLATTMANDAN to learn a bit more about process behind the album.

“I made this whole project through Corona Virus. So i have been developing throughout the whole process of making it. on the journey i went from going through Heartbreak, Betrayal, To Rejoicing and Having fun. It's a mix of all the personality's that come out of me when i make music.”

He continued on to share a bit more about the inspiration behind each track and how the album came to be.

“I took a deep dive into myself, and tried to find my purpose. And with making music, there is no right or wrong, just how your feeling and what you want on your canvas.... like art on a painting. With this project your going to step into how i see the world in my head.”

SLATTMANDAN really put his all into this project and for such a young artist and newcomer to the game, we are genuinely really impressed with its quality.

Overall, the album is of great quality for a debut album. It has versatility, a recognizable sound, and creativity.

SLATTMANDAN is set to release new visuals for the album, but till then, make sure to check out “Reflections” on all streaming platforms. Click here or tap one of our recommended tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "In The Garden"

  2. "No More"

  3. "Green Light"

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