SOLUS!: New “SKYHOUSE” Stripped Version!

Solus! Has been the talk of the underground this year. Releasing a new single and cinematic visuals.

The young and talented artists released his single “Skyhouse” earlier this year, along with a cinematic music video.

But releasing a new single and video wasn’t the end of it, Solus! took “Skyhouse” and made it a huge project and more deep and creative than most underground artists even try to make any of their work.

Solus! has now released “Skyhouse Stripped”. The psychedelic like alternative track took ona new form. Much slower, almost if it was a new story.

We briefly linked up with Solus! to learn a bit more about the process behind this continuation of “Skyhouse”.

“my original version of skyhouse was meant to be a paradoxical concept leaning more towards a happier vibe driven by the upbeat instrumental and vocal style which makes the lyrics of heartbreak hidden underneath the instrumental.”

He continued….

“With Skyhouse Stripped it is a complete shift of emotion. A furthered personal showcase of my emotions through that point in my life. Rawness/intimacy is the only way I can describe this track it is displayed by the pain in my voice and the beautiful minor key instrumental.”

The symbolism and complete thoughts into this project is really something to admire in itself. It takes a lot of connections, decent budget, and dedication to put on such production on a project.

Not only that, Solus! thought more in-depth about the music and lyrics themselves. He wanted to showcase the rawness of an open wound or the intimacy of the lyrics.

Needless to say, “Skyhouse Stripped” music video was yet another masterpiece. Though much simple than the original video the shots and storyline stay similar, with the camera following Solus! around in both visuals as well as many shots that focus on facial emotions.

Overall, Solus! really put on a show. He finished off our Q&A with a huge thanks to everyone involved.

“huge thanks to Zabi Gulban for creating the guitar, piano and bass melody, huge thanks to Jhaivic Conner for his orchestral arrangement and a warm thank you to Cullen bullard for the master!”

Solus! new single “Skyhouse Stripped” is out now on all streaming platforms and YouTube. Let us know which one is your favorite and watch the “Skyhouse Stripped” music video down below!


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