Starling The Moonchild: Bronx to Belgium

Bronx born, Belgium based, underground artist Starling The Moonchild is looking for his way into the international market. The 19 year old artist is considered a triple threat as he can produces, engineers, mix, and master.

Starling The Moonchild is known as an experimental artist. Always trying new sounds and looking for a way to improve his craft.

He recently leased his first ever EP "Fazed 1 Unfazed" along with the music video for the title track 'Dismissed.'

"It represents me as someone that likes to explore and try new things"

'Faze 1 Unfazed' and literally all of Starling The Moonchild's tracks really represent his image as an experimental artist. Even his flow is unique and kinda bouncy... if you get what i mean.

Although the young artists barely started his career back in 2019, he really does have the potential for an international fan base. We'll just have to see what he brings to the game in 2021.

Starling The Moonchild is one of the first international we have covered and there is more to come.

For now, make sure to check out Starling The Moonchild's "Faze 1 Unfazed" EP here or stream our favorite track down below!


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