Stxrlyn: “High Outta My Mind!” Album Review

Stxrlyn’s latest album “High Outta My Mind!” got us impressed. From the vibe to the lyrics, it’s just a great piece of work from the young artist.

The 18 year old, Virginia resident, dropped the 11 track album earlier this month. Inspired by the personal experience of getting over drug addiction with the support of his loved ones, Stxrlyn, shared with us the meaning behind the album:

“[It was inspired by] my drug addiction and me falling in love and my girl helping me get through it and get sober... It represent my change of me not caring about myself to starting love myself and appreciate the life I was given.”

Personally, I love the inspiration behind it and the love and passion put into all 11 tracks.

The track that represents this the most is “All Love Ends Xanax Issues Suddenly.” It tells exactly what Stxrlyn had in mind with this album.

The versatility this young artist shows is just amazing. Honestly, it’s a 10 out of 10. It’s has something for everyone and anyone can relate to it.

Check it out for yourself here or stick around to see what Stxrlyn drops next!

Recommend Tracks:

  1. "ADDY"

  2. "9ain*"

  3. "Perky"


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