Styda: A Star In The Making

Jackson Steider, AKA Styda, has been a start in the making since birth.

The 22 year old, Arizona Based artist, has been around music since the start, from Choir to writing and recording.

At just the age of 12, Styda, began to write music and at the age of 16, he began recording tracks.

In his own words, Styda has mention that music is really all he knows:

“Both of my parents forced me into two separate choirs and private vocal lessons before I was ten and at this point in time it’s the only thing ive ever known how to do well.

Although, we’re sure Styda has many talents and is good at other things as well, we are glad that his upbringing has raised him to be an amazing artist.

Earlier this year, Styda, released one of our favorite tracks “Wild Dreams.” The track featured a nice eargasmic melodic vibe with his own alternative style. Giving the perfect vibe for any feel good or sad hour moment.

We asked Styda what the inspiration behind the track was and he replied:

“it has a lot of my own personal experiences with an ex girlfriend of mine. She knew all I ever wanted was to be a musician and was completely behind me on it but she also never wanted any lime light or attention. I was in a very vulnerable place when I wrote it...”

He continued to share:

“This track was a huge step forward for me. Rarely do I feel comfortable singing high pitch but something about this track just felt right. Like I said it just didn’t feel forced and to see the feedback I’ve been getting is overwhelming and exciting. Definitely a turning point in my catalogue”

Styda’s “Wild Dreams” track is definitely a turning point and it’s great to see the progression in his craft.

His latest release “Ur Luvr,” featuring another amazing Arizona artist Bayymack and vocalist Eve Cozay, really represent Styda’s potential to make great headway in the industry.

From forced into choir to a star in the making, Styda is one artist to keep an eye out for in the next few years.

With more tracks to come, make sure you check out our favorite tracks by Styda down below and make sure to follow him on Instagram here.

Recommend Tracks:

  1. ”Ur Luvr”

  2. ”Wild Dreams”


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