Top 5: Super Unique Tracks

We love to see creativity and sometimes artists drop tracks that just blow our minds. They drop something completely unexpected yet so good.

Here are 5 super unique songs we currently love:


Solaflareray literally just dropped his "Love, Ecstacy and Blood" album and as we're vibing through the whole thing... BAMM! A random corrido pops up.

The guitar was intro was a nice touch and as the song progresses you get whole band instruments added and it just goes crazy. Then Solarflareray starts singing in Spanish and it just blows your mind.

The transition from the previous track "On Go" to "Te Amo <3" is so sleek that you don't even expect it and then it perfectly transition to the following track "OnThaWay!."

It was certainly a surprise and it added a super unique vibe to the whole album.

Solarflareray's "Te Amo <3" is just a super unique and enjoyable song overall!


HaHaYUsogreen just went crazy with this hyper-pop track!

This track just sounds like it came straight out of a Weeaboo or Otaku boys' bedroom studio and honestly, I wish I could hear this song playing during a comedic anime fight scene.

Overall, this track is the definition of hyper-pop and we love just how addicting the chorus is. It's just an awesome track to put you in a silly good mood.


Ka$h Kyle surprised us with his track "Work It Out." It is completely different than what we are used to hearing from him.

At first listen, it blew my mind how versatile he really is. He took his style and put it in a dance track that you can literally play at any given moment of the day in any mood.

You trying to party? play "Work It Out," you trynna work out? play "Work It Out," you feeling sad? play "Work It Out." This track just fits any mood and Ka$h Kyle did great a great job adding his signature style to it.

Ka$h Kyle's "Work It Out" was just a completely unexpected track that makes us appreciate him even more.


Okay, but Caveman's entire "SCARFACE" project is just so different with so many unique elements to it, but the one I'd like to emphasize isn't necessarily a track... it's a skit.

They " SAY GOODNIGHT 2 DA BAD GUY skit"... I know... I Know... it's not a track but this type of skit is not something we've ever heard in an underground project.

Honestly, on my first listen I was just chilling then heard the skit playing and was like 'Tf why is there a commercial playing' and then I heard the N* word and was 'Oh Sh*t that's not an ad.'

This skit intertwines with its previous one and the one following it creating this sort of stressful atmosphere that I'm sure every artist, creative individual, and probably many different kinds of people have felt before.

This feeling of being down bad and lost and exhausted trying to fight your demons while people are just putting you down and treating you like shit.

Idk... maybe I'm ready too much into it, but Caveman's "SCARFACE" project is just super unique overall and nobody can change my mind on that.


Z6Saint is just an amazing artist overall and he proved just how good he is by how uniquely he used the word "Spine" in this track.

This ain't no underground artist play on words... this is an artist maximizing his vocabulary. Believe it or not, that's what separates a good artist from a one-hit-wonder.

Z6Saint's "Spine" just goes hard and his unique way of using the word "Spine" just makes the track even better.

It's always great to hear tracks that are just so different. It's refreshing and addicting to be mind-blown by all of you.

We've heard so many mind-blowing tracks in just the first two months of this new year and we can't wait to hear more!

So, what you think of the list?

Let us know here.


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