SupremeScotty: New Single "Out The Mud"

Up and coming Brooklyn artist, SupremeScotty, recently released a new single titled “Out The Mud.”

The promising young artist has only been in the game for just one year, but with his dedication and talent, his rise is barely getting started.

With the release of “Out The Mud” and it’s music video. We decided to link up with SupremeScotty to learn more about him and his music journey.

When did you start making music?

“I started making music in 2017 but have always been music oriented. However, it wasn’t until 2019 that I started taking music really serious...”

What’s your favorite part of the music process?

“My favorite part is creating, you know? Just being in the studio vibing out or making a beat, doing the same thing. Everything comes naturally so when you get a fire idea it’s best you jump on it right away.”

So, what’s the meaning behind your new single “Out The Mud”?

“It symbolizes making something out of nothing. An anthem everyone can relate to. Whether you’re from the hood or the suburbs everyone can relate to that. However, getting it “out the mud” is a term we coined in lower income communities because of scarce opportunities. When we finally do achieve something, it almost took years of grinding before the opportunity arose. Out the Mud simply means reaping the benefits of your hard work.”

How does the track represent you as a an artist?

“It represents the work I put in in general to get where I’m at. Not to sound cliché but opportunities aren’t as easily attainable as a person of color, especially in certain neighborhoods. Even if you’ve gotten some exposure and have opportunities, there is still an enormous amount of work you have to put in as a person of color to solidify yourself and make it happen.”

What is something you’d like your fans to know?

“I want my supporters to know that I worked for this. I put in work for everything I got. Even if it’s not physical work, it’s brain smarts and finesse which still is connected to grinding. I want them to know they can do the same.”

SupremeScotty has definitely put the “Out The Mud” phrase into good use. Not only is “Out The Mud” a banger track, but it appears to be SupremeScotty’s life motto.

Sticking to your roots and enjoying the journey is truly something to be proud of.

SupremeScotty’s rise is only just getting started, but we don’t doubt for one second that this young artist is on his way to become a great artist.

Stream “Out The Mud” down below or check the music video here.

Make sure to stick around and see the rise of SupremeScotty!


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