Artist of The Moth: S.U.R.F

S.U.R.F is on the rise and we couldn't be happier!

The Atlanta artists better known as Sammy Surf has recently gone through a rebranding, but that doesn't stop the momentum he's been againing.

Voted by The Club as January's artist of the month, S.U.R.F, is truly an extraordinary artist with his own kind of vibe.

Coming from the Atlanta underground scene, it is clear that S.U.R.F is just a different kind of artist. Putting in the work in all aspects of the game, from visuals to artist imagine, there is nothing S.U.R.F is lacking to become one of the new age GOATS.

His online presence only dates back to July 29, 2019... just 2 days after Fugitive Club was founded.. only taking him 1 year get his name known in the Atlanta scene and in the underground.

In just one year S.U.R.F managed to show of his versatility, deliver great visuals, and prove he makes one hell of a featured artist. From his S.U.R.F (SOMEONE U REGRET FORGETTING) album to his upcoming single "Toxic," S.U.R.F, continues to amaze.

We won't say much about his vibe and style because we want you to check it out for yourself, but we will say S.U.R.F is an artist to place your bets on for the upcoming years. COVID ain't stopping him so make sure you keep your eye on him throughout all of 2021!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "Feedback" (ft. UmiTheGoat)

  2. "Vanished"

  3. "Summer Interlude"


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