3 Club Newcomers That Are Ready To Take Over The World:

The underground world has endless talent. Some need work and some just make us wonder why they’re not more mainstream.

Here are our top 3 newcomers that are ready to take over the world: (in our opinion)

1. Jvstice

New Orleans’ artist, Jvstice, has one of the best discographies we’ve seen from The Club.

Jvstice has range for days. From beats, to different styles, to samples, and more, this man can make anything sound good.

With projects like “Good Times” and tracks like “Right Now” is hard to imagine why this talented artist doesn’t get more press.

But one thing is for sure, Jvstice, is ready to take over the world.

2. Yung $miley

New York artist, Yung $miley, is the perfect happy medium between Summrs’ style and Ssgkobe’s style. Personally, it feels like it fits him just right.

Yung $miley seemly uses his sound to drop great tracks and projects. His most recent Ep “Up’s & Down’s” is currently one of our favorites, but his older tracks are really what make use wonder why this young artist isn’t bigger.

Racking up streams in his older work and continuing to go beyond expectations, it’s only a matter of time before this young artist blow up.

3. Nitty Black

To be honest i don’t even know why Nitty is in this list, but it looks like you all just keep sleeping on him.

Previously featured on Elevator Mag and a few other blogs, Louisiana artist, Nitty Black, is definitely ready to take over the world.

He gives of the best vibes of his music and although he doesn’t drop new tracks as consistently as other underground artists do, one Nitty track is all you need to vibe for months!

His sound and energy is so unique to him that no one else can pull it off. All we can say about Nitty Black is that he is a playlist essential and if you don’t believe us. Watch him blow up in next few years.

Many Club newcomers have impressed out over the last month. We get to listen to different genres and languages and it’s amazing the hard work we see everyone put in. Keep going at it and you might just be ready to take over the world too. For now, these 3 artists got the spotlight.


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