Tease Us: Latest Album "Where's Tease"

Atlanta artist, Tease Us showcases a new sound in his latest project "Where's Tease"!

After falling in love with Tease Us' track "7'2" we were really excited to get to work with Tease and to our surprise, his new album "Where's Tease" is nothing like the smooth R&B track we fell in love with.

This time, Tease Us sets the record with a rap project. Dubbing himself PRETTYBOI and adding a variety of crazy energy in 8 different tracks.

The album shifts from energy to energy from feeling like Kanye in "Pretty Boi" to lover boy in "Memorial Park".

It's hard to put this album in a box as it's very versatile from Hyperpop beats to track mixed with crazy energies. This was not what we expected going in but came out vibing and having more respect for Tease Us and his craft.

Tease Us ultimate massage in this album is just...

"Go Be You, Fuck What They Say!"

Tease Us has now proven he's a treat in the underground with his insane versatility in different genres and crazy creativity. His new album "Where's Tease" is out now on all streaming platforms.

Check it out here or click one of our recommended tracks down below!

Recommend Tracks:

  1. "Pretty Boi"

  2. "Cabin Fever"

  3. "Home"


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