The Club: Collabs We’d Love To See

The Club sees sooooo many talented artist come through our page. From young to old, from Cali to the UK, from different walks of life and you all continue to amaze us. Here are some artists we would love to see collaborate together.

1. Logan and Oxi:

With Logan’s deep voice and fast paced raps. We’d love to see his style and voice mix with Oxi’s soft vibe and voice. These dudes could make anything from sweet love songs to nice summer vibes to just kick back and vibe.

2. LilJai2x and Kid Moon

This is a collab we have been waiting to happen. We just need these two to hope in the studio.

Kid Moon's endless talent could mix well with LilJai2x flows and bars. Both these young artist can make life changing music and party bangers.

3. Taylr woods and NVRMDFRVR

Did anyone say club hit!??

Because these two have the power to make a timeless club hit. NVMDFRVR and Taylr Woods both have that banger sexy smooth vibe to make something everyone will go wild for.

4. September Swiper and KILLNEVER!

September Swiper got one of the most fire tracks and have you heard KILLNEVER!'s baby voice. These two would go crazy on a track.


5. Keemy Hendrxx and Aliff Rush

This duo may seems a little strange, but thats why we like it. With Keemy's R&B vibe and Aliff Rush flow and style, it would go perfect. We'd just love to see what these two could make together.

There is so many other artists we think would mix well together, but these are the ones we would love to see happen sometime soon.


5an's new album "THANK YOU 5AN" is out now!