The Club: Top 5 Members

Within the last couple of months, we have been connecting with hundreds of talented artists and have gotten the pleasure to get to know some of a little better.

The Club was created to showcase the hard work and talent of the underground community and with that being said here are our top five club members:

  1. Logan Ghiozi

Logan Ghiorzi, formerly known as FlexxWavy, is an amazing songwriter, composer, and an all well put together artist. The young arizona artist always puts in 110% in all of his work and the quality never disappoints.

Within the last couple of month we have seen Logan transition into a new style of music, from a trap rap style to his own original mix of alternative rap. Although, his style has changed, his message has not. He continues to create music for the lost souls, giving hope through his music. Since then, he has put out amazing tracks like "Falling" and "Hitchhiking."

One thing that stands out the most to us about Logan is his communication. He is a fun, respectful, and hardworking artist. His communication skills, continues progress, along with his amazing work ethic, puts him at the top of our list.

2. Rich J Kid

When it comes to going hard, Rich J Kid, always comes to mind. The LA bound artist has been making music non-stop since last year and at such a young age, it is impressive to see everything he has accomplished.

The drip, the music, and the character this young artist has is what makes him stand out the most. He is always putting out quality content and working with all different kinds of people. He recent released the music video to his track "One Point Five" and we can honestly say we know every single word. He has also recently collabed with JORDYINADAZE on a track titled "NO LIMIT" and we are also addicted his verse on that track as well.

Rich J Kid is another amazing artist with talent beyond his year and all his hard work and accomplishments aren't going unseen.

3. Taylr Woods

Texas artist, Taylr Woods, has dropped some amazing tracks in the last couple of months including "Selfish," "Sorry Not Sorry," and "Play Me."

We always keep an eye on Taylr Woods, because of his immense potential. He is always dropping very addictive music and showing off all his different skills. Gaining over 50k streams since the drop of his track "Selfish," Taylr Wood, is an artist to never underestimate.

His character and manners are something we always look for in artists and his awesome work is just the cherry on top.

Check out more about Taylr woods here.

3. TenToesStixko

Florida artist, TenToesStixko, formerly known as Slvckfvxkingchxpo!, has always been one of our favorite members. Although, his music may not be for everyone he is definitely always working hard and supporting fellow underground artists.

We are still waiting on some TenToes tracks to drop, but that doesn't stop us from adding him to the list.

He recently transition from Chxpo to TenToes as a self re-brand to spread positivity. His music however, will remain the same type of style.

TenToes has been with us for a while and has always shown respect, care, and gets down to business without any complaints. If you are a rager we definitely recommend you check him out!

3. 5AN

Florida is filled with all kinds of artist, but one you can't miss is 5an.

This florida artist is hard to ignore. Her tracks go way too hard to be overlooked and is honestly one of the few female artist to run by The Club with such heat.

With only one year in the game, she has gain over 300k streams collectively and has started working with amazing producers like Nick Mira from Internet Money.

She has quickly earned her spot on our list with her work ethic, business handling, and communication. She is also constantly putting out music and quality content.

5an has only gotten started and she definitely didn't come here to play around.

Check out her latest Ep "5LAYER" on your preferred music platform and make sure to keep an eye out for 5an.

Notable Mentions:

Myon Kyre



Art of Max



5an's new album "THANK YOU 5AN" is out now!