The Rise Of: Taylr Woods

Texas artist, Taylr Woods has come a long way since the start of his career and now he's making his way to becoming a household name for underground music consumers!

The Houston native first gained traction back in 2020 when he released his track "Selfish". The catchy track grabbed the attention of many listeners and multiple music curators' YouTube channels.

With the traction gained and his passion for making music, Tayrl Woods released a few more tracks on SoundCloud which grabbed the attention of the beloved music curating channel Promoting Sounds.

Impressed with what they heard, Promoting Sounds featured Taylr's track "Count Me Out", which has since been taken down from all platforms. A few weeks later they featured his track "Hurting" causing it to become one of his most streamed tracks at that time.

Now, Taylr Woods has a great relationship with Promoting Sounds becoming a frequently featured artist on their channel.

Though it may seem like Taylr Woods just got lucky, that is never the case. Taylr Woods is an incredibly talented artist, producer, engineer, writer, and everything in between. He has taught himself every single thing that goes into the music-making process and maintains professionalism through his relationships.

Taylr Woods isn't your average rapper, he's loved for his signature sound and the clarity in his pronunciation.

In a world were music is becoming very auto-tuned and pitch playful, many chose to stick with the real artists who need no gimmicks to make a name for themselves. Taylr Woods is just one of them.

The Rise of Taylr Woods is just getting started, but we have no doubt that over the years he will become a household name among mainstream music listeners.

Check out Taylr Woods discography here or check out one of our recommended tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "Emotions"

  2. "Hurting"

  3. "Selfish"


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