TheCrazyPart: The Young Producer

17 year old, Ian Rose, AKA, TheCrazyPart, isn’t just a young kid dreaming about the bigger things. He’s hungry for it. He’s working for it!

The young LA based, Missouri, producer, has been making beats since late 2018. Picking up after his cousins ChaseTheMoney and Tay Creations.

“I come from a family of already established producers my cousins are ChaseTheMoney and Tay Creations. Watching them work from a young age and becoming successful gave me motivation to try and make beats so that's what I did.”

It didn’t take take long before Ian Rose started collaborating with other producers and getting his first placements. His first tape, “Dreamin in Color,” helped establish his sound and he’s been evolving ever since.

Though the start of his career wasn’t easy being a broke high school student, TheCrazyPart, didn’t let that stop him. He went from working of the “FL Mobile” app to getting placements with Artists like Lucki and finally collaborating with his cousin, ChaseTheMoney.

“Chase would challenge me to make 10 good beats a day while having 20k cash laying on the desk for me to use as motivation to keep going and get better.”

With ChaseTheMoney, Pierre Bourne, IcyTwat and LordFubu being just a few of his role models. There’s no doubt that this young producer takes up after some of the best in the game. One day, he’ll be right up there with them.

For now, TheCrazyPart, is working on some new beats and new music for the upcoming year.

Make sure to stick around to learn more about TheCrazyPart or Hit him up on Instagram to talk business. Whatever you decide to do, one thing is for sure, TheCrazyPart is just a few years away from taking over the game!


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