Thekidnexxtdoor: "TKND" - EP Review

New Jersey's, Thekidnexxtdoor drops an amazing and super versatile EP titled "TKND"!

The 19-year-old artist has been making music since late 2018 and so far he's shown more versatility than any other artist we've seen in the underground.

His new project "TKND" features 6 tracks ranging from alternative, rap, pop, and R&B.

Honestly, at first hand, it was very shocking to hear all these genres put together in one single project and have it be executed so well.

"Each different song has its own meaning personally. Most of the songs on the tape took hours of writing and putting the words together."

It seems that the project was well thought out and Thekidnexxtdoor really put in the work to drop some of his best work.

From sound quality to lyrics and everything in between this project is one of the best we've heard all year.

Thekidnexxtdoor did such a good job with this project that it's hard to pick a favorite song.... So, I guess we just have to say this project has no skips. You have to listen to it in full.

If you must listen to only one song I guess we'd chose "Rest Dying" for its addicting chorus and melodic sound.

Overall, we love Thekidnexxtdoor's new EP "TKND", So make sure to check it out on all streaming platforms and check out our recommended tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "Rest Dying"

  2. "Nexxtdoor"

  3. "Sorry"


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