Three Unique Artist

Many artist are talented, make good music, and are really good overall, but how many artist are unique?

From their music styles to their personalities, here are three of the most unique artists that have passed through our page:

1. Skodi

South Florida artist, Skodi, is one of the most unique artist we’ve ever heard. From flow to beats choices to even her voice, Skodi, is one artist you can’t replicate.

The 21 year old rapper has a signature style of music that consists of rager vibes mixed with real life experiences. Her beat choices mix perfectly with her voice and seamlessly easy flows.

Skodi isn’t your typical female artist that may take on a sound like Cardi B or Megan Thee Stallion, instead she could be close compared to a mixture of XXXTENTACION, Ski Mask The Slump God, and YBN Cordae. But to be completely honest, Skodi has her own unique sound that can’t be compared to any other.

2. Logan Ghiorzi

Logan Ghiorzi is another artist who can’t really be put in a box.

The 18 year old, Arizona native, started making music at a young age and has proved himself to be a very versatile artist.

His signature sound consist of medolic string sounds and quick paced raps, giving him an alternative rap style. However, it is hard to put him in a box.

One of the most unique things about Logan Ghiorzi is his ability to set the mood of the track. Although it’s easy to set the mood with lyrics, Logan’s tracks perfectly set the mood way before he even opens his mouth.

With the many talents and qualities of Logan Ghiorzi it is easy to say that he’s just a different kind of artist overall.

3. Ka$h Kyle

Cali based artist, Ka$h Kyle, is a unique kind of Cali artist.

Straying away from the typical west coast sounds, Ka$h Kyle, has proven himself as one of the most versatile artist in North Cal.

His ability to switch styles and flows is something not many cali artists can do. He can go from a club vibe to an alternative track without it seeming forced. Most cali artist stick to the P-Lo vibes or SOB X RBE vibes, but Ka$h Kyle is switching it up.


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