Tj Banks777: "Colorado" - New Single

Florida always has some great talent, today we'll be looking into Jacksonville's Tj Banks777 and his newest single "Colorado"!

Known for his trap rap tracks and his signature catchy flow, the young Jacksonville resident releases a new addicting single that shows a different side to his music.

"Colorado" features a high-energy hyper-pop beat, rarely heard from him before, along with catchy lyrics that seamlessly flow throughout the track.

With the release of his new single, we briefly linked with TJ Banks777's to learn a bit more about the track and how it came to be.

"The track came fairly easy. I free-styled the song line by line."

He continued...

"I made this track after I took a mini-vacation to get my mind off some things that were stressing me. The first few lines of the song are “Running away from the problems, I done forgot em, get to the bag know that’s the motto”. Basically, I was reminding myself that I need to focus on what’s important and get over the small stuff."

Besides the chorus being a great reminder to stay focused, the high energy flow makes it the most catchy and addicting part of the track.

So, it's a good thing TJ Banks777 took a break and reminded himself of what really matters. Else, this awesome track wouldn't have been made.

Overall, the track is great and possesses the features of a viral hit. With its high energy beat and catchy lyrics it's fair to say this is one of Tj Banks777 best tracks to date.

Tj Banks is currently working on his upcoming project “seven’s world”, but 'till then make sure to check out his new single "Colorado" here or click one of our recommended tracks to listen to more music by Tj Banks777!

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