TOOKEY!: "Stuck" New Music Video

After the release of his brand new EP "Pardon My French," TOOKEY! drops his music video for his top track "Stuck"!

The Baltimore-based artists dropped his 5 track EP on Valentine's Day and it's showcased TOOKEY!'s versatility.

Aside from showing off his versatility, TOOKEY!, got to flex his french skills.

The R&B project is a first for TOOKEY!, though he's showed off those skills in previous tracks, this is his first time he drops a purely R&B project.

"Pardon My French" is TOOKEY!'s most popular project yet, with "Stuck" being the most popular track.

With that being said, TOOKEY! dropped the "Stuck" music video last night. Check it out!

Make sure to check out TOOKEY's latest EP "Pardon My French" here.


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