TOOKEY!: "The Light"

TOOKEY! took it upon himself to enlighten you this year.

The talented 20 year old recently dropped a new music video for his track "The Light," where he showcases his newly found perspective in life.

In 2017, TOOKEY! started making music as a way to display his reality to the world. Now, he continues to grow as an artist and shares his life through music.

We briefly linked up with the young artist to learn more about the meaning behind the track and his music journey.

"What inspired you to write this track or project?"

“The awakening of 2020”

How does this track represent you as an artist?

“It represents my journey to enlightenment, How I woke up from the mundane mindset we have been cursed with due to our surroundings enabling us.”

What is your favorite part of the music process?

“Putting my life into it.”

It is clear that TOOKEY! is a very philosophical individual and by using his musical skills he’s found his own way to speak his truth to the world. His track “The Light,” in my opinion, is a great lyrical piece filled with lines and bars that make you feel how lost and found he’s felt and honestly how we’ve all felt at one point or the other in our life’s. Specially this year.

TOOKEY!’s “The Light” music video sets the mood for the track just right. Enhancing the emotions. Although, there is nothing much that is remarkable about the music video, It’s a clear depiction of TOOKEY!’s mind. Displaying 3 of himself and going back and forth with each other as if in a conversation. Just trying to get each part of himself to see “The Light.”

TOOKEY! may have just gotten started, but he’s definitely an artist to keep an eye on in the next few years.

Checkout “The Light” music video down below and make sure to stick around for the rise of TOOKEY!


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