Tools and Services Every Underground Artist Should Consider Using:

As you may already know, Fugitive Club was created for the creative individuals who have gone against society. For the ones who are working hard to make their dreams come true, but are rarely being noticed.

Fugitive Club was created to help you make your dreams come true, but what’s a dream without tools or a team.

Here are some tools you should consider using:


Every artist knows the importance of visuals. Whether it’s a music video, lyrical video, an animation, cover art, or instagram post. Visuals stimulate the listener making your music more engaging or relatable. More importantly making you, as an artist, more appealing.

Using tools like photoshop, Adobe spark post, Over, and Canva, can help your image as an artist.

These tools can be used for instagram posts, stories, ads, cover art, short clips and more. The best part of these tools is that most of them are free and easily accessible at your fingertips on your smartphone.

You can use tools like iMovie, Over, and Adobe premier to create homemade music videos or lyrical videos.

For artists looking to up their visual game, you can grab the most skill videographer/photographer you know and plan out visuals such as, photo shoots, music videos, and even thank you for streaming clips.

You can also use elite underground companies like Overcast, owned by filmmaker and musician, Daniel Jordan and filmmaker Tommy Bauer, to get quality professional visuals and reach a bigger audience.


Everyone knows that marketing is the biggest part of any business and you ,as an artist, are a business. We know and understand that you know this and that you have probably tried everything you can think of that is affordable.

But this section isn’t about the tools, it’s about which ones to use, how, and when.

Instagram ads is the tool we see used the most. However, we have some tips and recommendations for you.

  • Do not use instagram ads just on any random post. Prepare for it. Only use moving visuals. Music videos are best. DO NOT waste your money on a picture ad or a random Triller song preview. If you are trying to hype up an upcoming release create a short release video.

  • Pick a small budget and stick to it. Test the water before running the ad long term. Once you feel like you have something worth the money, like an amazing music video, we recommend you up your budget a bit

  • Make sure you only target areas or countries where there are no internet restrictions.

  • Keep in mind that instagram ads are usually shown to your followers, people who may have interacted with your page before, and individuals who are interested in similar artists like you. So don’t count on instagram showing your ad to a bunch of new strangers.

  • We recommend you don’t use instagram ads alone, but pair it up with other tools like YouTube ads.

YouTube Ads are something we personally use and we recommend you use it too.

YouTube ads is the place to get the bunch of strangers to potentially engage with your content. We recommend you:

  • Pick a budget and stick to it

  • Only use it on important releases

  • Do not run the ad in internet restricted countries or areas

  • Keep in mind interactions like likes and comments won’t be consistent with the view count

YouTube Ads are a great tool and hey, if you don’t get any likes or comments, that's fine, at least you know a couple hundred more strangers know your name.

Another tool you can use are stickers (or flyers). You can purchase sticker for as low as $1 and stick them all around town or on a trip. It peeks curiosity and shows confidences. Proving that your not scared of what people think and you’ll make your dreams come true no matter what.

You can also use pages and services like ours and Cash cow’s. If you’re reading this then we are going to assume you know a bit about us.

We recommend you use pages like ours and Cash Cow Music to promote your work, receive feedback, find new artists/producers to work with, and become part of a community.

Fugitive Club and Cash Cow continuously work to build our pages up and connect with as many artists as possible. Our goal is to bring you the motivation and support you may need to keep chasing your dreams. Building relationships with our companies can lead to long term exposure and the possibility of getting found by labels.

Cash Cow offers promos, exposure through YouTube, Spotify Playlist, and Instagram, as well as Co-releases, and more. Make sure to contact them for more information.

One big underground giant for releases is Bangers Only. It’s worth a shot to try to connect with their page as they can provide a wider audience for your music and work with you on a potential releases with them.

The list goes on for marketing, but everyone knows that marketing usually comes with a small cost so, the last tool we recommended you use.. is a free tool. It’s called word of mouth. Sometimes we may be embarrassed to share our work with others, but it’s the best way to get your inner circle talking about you and your music. Don’t get discouraged if someone doesn’t like your music those are usually the mouths that will spread the word faster. As they’ll want to tell everyone about you and your music.

Finally, we saved the best for last...


Feedback Is the best tool you can use. No, we don’t mean the people telling you your music sucks, we mean trustworthy people who will give you constructive feedback. You can even use our page and Cash Cow’s page for feedback. You can try to get feedback from other artists on our pages as well.

When you use feedback correctly you can improve your engagement significantly and create valuable relationships throughout the way.

Don’t be scared of being dismissed or feeling like no one will want to help. Many people are always looking to help others. If you still feel scared or shy to ask for feedback, here’s advice we give all the time:

Find your sound: It may take some time, but finding your sound is important. Findings your sound means that your music doesn’t feel forced. It feels genuine and thoughtless.

Experiment: As an underground artist you get less backlash experimenting so if you want to make a country pop song or a punk track go for it. Try it with your sound, try it with inspiration from another artist, try it all. It’s the best way to get new ideas and possibly start a new trend.

Support other artists: supporting other artists will open doors for you. If you have the attitude that you’re better than everyone else and aren’t willing to support other artists then why should they. Supporting other artist can mean following them, asking to work with them, streaming their tracks, and even just introducing yourself.

It’s not a competition: The biggest advice we can give is to remind you it’s not a competition. Everyone has an audience out there waiting for them. People like different sounds, different voices, and different styles. Just because you listen to Juice WRLD doesn’t mean you won’t listen to Lil Uzi. Take your time and remember that your audience is out there. It’s not a competition.

We know this post is really long and you may already know all these things, but we hope you enjoyed the read and apply some of the new things you learned to your next project.

Let us know what tools help you and what services and companies your partnering with next!


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