Top 5 Artists You Can’t Put In A Box!

Music has endless amount of genres. From R&B to Techno, there’s endless styles when it comes to music but there’s some artists you can’t quite put into a single box.

Here are 5 artists you can’t put in a box!

  1. Skodi

Known for her unique style and insane rage energy, Skodi has defied the rules of Floria trap music. She created her own signature sound that’s yet to capture some listeners.

Many may say Skodi’s sound is an acquire taste and to that we say…. “That’s BS!”. Although, Skodi’s sound is extremely unique, her flow, energy, and lyrics are nothing short of any other Florida artist. She’s got aggression, great story telling skills, and more. There’s acquire other adjust to enjoy Skodi’s music.

Beside her unique sound, Skodi is a true artist with insane creativity and versatility. She can rage, show off her vocals, and drop an insane flow all at the same time. Something most artists come short of.

There’s no doubt Skodi has made a name for herself for simply being extremely unique and because of that she will always be an artist you can’t put in a box.

2. Kurt Hazard

New York’s Kurt Hazard is a man from the future. With his futurist style, Kurt has managed to blend almost every genre you can think of into his unique sound.

Kurt Hazard has created alternative tracks, trap tracks, and old school hip-hop track all with his insanely unique and futuristic sound. He’s like an 80’s kid making what he thinks music in the 2000ms will sound like or a current age kid making music for the impending alien invasion.

Either way, there’s no doubt Kurt Hazard is simple on a different level that most can’t compete with. You just can’t box him into a simple genre!

3. Sojabrat

Sojabrat is probably the most misunderstood artist out right now and it’s all due to her extremely unique sound.

Although many may say Sojabrat is just the female version of Summrs, she’s anything but that. Personally… Sojabrat has way more potential and musically than a lot of the artists she’s compare to but that’s just my opinion.

Sojabrat’s baby voice sound isn’t all she is, which is what landed her on this list. Sojabrat can pull off an amazing R&B track then immediately release a hyper-trap track right after. She can pull the auto-tune off and still sound amazing. Her lyrics are more cohesive, understandable, and relatable than most artists she’s boxed in with. She’s overall just a better artists.

It’s clear Sojabrat hasn’t shown off her full potential yet, but the fact that she’s paving way for female artists to go head to head with top dawgs in the underground just proves you can’t box her in with anyone else. There simply isn’t any competition.

4. KG Prince

KG Prince, AKA the prince of “Holy sh*t, I love everything this mf drops!”… is yet another artist you can’t put in a box. Simply because he’s just good at whatever he does.

The young Colorado artists is mostly known for his trap and rage tracks, but any true KG fan knows that that’s not all he is.

Besides being an amazing song writer, KG Prince has a major contrast in discography that’s hard to find in other artist. KG can go from insane trap rage to melodic alternative tracks. Although many may argue rage derived from the Rock and Alternative genres, it’s actually hard to find an artist who can do both and sound good while doing it.

KG Prince is simply a great artist overall. From song writing to performing his top tier artist, but what makes him the most unique is the contrast within himself. Try finding any other underground artists who’s got that flex. It just that hard to find… and that’s why you can’t put him in a box.

5. Apollo Storm

Apollo Storm may seem like your average artist, but if you pay close attention you’ll realize he’s anything but that.

Storm is a risk taker and damn good one at that. You just can’t place Apollo in a box from the start, he’s so good at many genres it’s hard to figure out what his main one is but regardless of all the variety when you hear an Apollo song you know damn well who it is right away.

Apollo Storm signature sound trumps the immense versatility of his discography. Which one of the hardest things to do as an artist, many recognize you flow or beats or your genre and that’s how they remember you, but Storm has such a unique voice and sound that no matter what genre he does, you just know it’s him.

Apollo Storm has made many rap tracks, experimented with tropical dance tracks, and even alternative tracks. No matter what he does, you know who it is. For that reason, you can’t box Apollo Storm in any box, he’s leaving that decision in his own hands. As he should!

There’s many other artists doing things differently than the rest and making a name for themselves for it.

Let us know what you think of the list and drop down who you think deserves to be on this list down in the comments!