Top 5: Favorite Producers

The underground honestly has some of the best producers in the game.

So much great talent going unnoticed and we always to our best to keep a lookout for the most doing it differently so here are our Top 5 Favorite Producers:


Longboystyle is no stranger to The Club. He is probably one of the most well known producers on our page.

Known for his hardstyle trap beats and hyped energy, Longboy, is one of the few producers who specializes in one single style of beats. That is not to say that he doesn't have range, because the man's got range for sure.

But because of his style and specialization, Longboy, is currently on the rise as a young canadian producer. Working with great artists like Wavehi, ZEDSU, Killbunk, and more.

Longboystyle is currently and probably always be one of our favorite producers. He just puts in that rager energy into every track!


When it comes to solid quality work, Average Joe is your guy!

The young Brooklyn producer got mad skills and is probably one of the best producers on this list. Average Joe can has ranger, puts out quality work, and has no problems racking up streams.

He can pull of any beat, but his old school hip hop vibes are just the best. We can't expect no less from a Brooklyn boy.

Average Joe is yet another underground producer on the rise and we can't wait to see how much more recognition he gets this year!


Atis is the man to beat when it comes to that new age sound!

Though not much is known about him... I am mean we don't even know what this underground GOAT looks like, but that's alright because all we need to know is that he is an amazing producer.

From experimental beats to them emo rap beats we all love there's nothing Atis can't do.

He is always putting out quality work and collaborating with some of the best rising producers, such as Nick Mira, Philgotanother1, and more.

We're placing our bets now, 'cus Atis is going to go down as one of the best producers in the game in just a few years!


If you wanna talk about a youngin' making headway in the underground scene, TheCrazyPart, is your kid!

The 17 year old, Missouri native, is currently one of the few producers we got our eyes on. Watching his growth and waiting on new projects to drop.

Young and unstoppable are probably two of the best ways to describe this young and talented kid. Coming from a family of known producers, TheCrazyPart, just keeps on putting in the work and improving.

Though he's just taking off, it's clear to us that this kid really wants and ain't nothing stopping him.

We can't wait to see what he makes of 2021!


Dexter Yu has to be one of the most dedicated producers we've ever met. Nonstop hustle and always setting the bar higher and higher!

When it comes down to it, Dexter Yu, is honestly a producer for the culture. Always looking out for the underground and just straight up down to earth.

Range, energy, and straight fire are just some things he doesn't lack.

This young Switzerland producer has been on our radar for sometime now and we can't wait till he gets the recognition her deserves!

There are so many underground producers that we keep our eye on, but these five have got to be our favorites. Not just as producers, but as people who look out for others and just overall help make amazing tracks.

Producers are the base of all music. Without them we've be musicless.

What do y'all think of our list? Thinking about working with one of them? GOOD!

Let us know what you think of our Top 5 Favorite Producers here!


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