Top 5 Favorite Projects This Year, So Far

As the year comes to an end, we look back at our favorite projects released this year. Although, there's many new projects still do drop, we thought we'd let you know about our favorites so far.

  1. "Inside Out" By Logan Ghiorzi

Logan Ghiorzi's "Inside Out" Demo has to be one of our favorite projects of all time!

The young Arizona artist had been working on his sound for sometime before the release of "Inside Out." He made it his mission to deliver a masterpiece and he accomplished that.

The seven track demo featured his melodic vocals and fast paced raps, as well as his guitar skills.

Logan Ghiorzi's "Inside Out" demo is arguably one of the best alternative projects out his year. The best part of the whole demo is the up and down emotions and energy, giving it an authentic and personal feeling overall.

2. "Isaiah's World 2" By Isaiah Pharaoh

North Carolina has one hell of an album to won up by the end of the year.

Isaiah Pharaoh delivered one of the hardest and most versatile albums this year. From the first track "All About Me" to the last "IW2 (Long Live Erik)," Isaiah put in his all, making sure each beat fit his sound, but were as versatile as possible.

"Isaiah's World 2" has so many highkey mainstream vibes that is hard to imagine why this young artists isn't much bigger than he is.

So far this year, Isaiah Pharaoh's "Isaiah's World 2" album, has the number one spot this year for our favorite projects this year!

3. "Skodi" By Skodi

Another masterpiece put out this year was Skodi's "Skodi" Ep. Who else can make you relaxed and raged in the same body of work?

In just 5 tracks, Skodi, managed to make you feel nostalgic, hyped, raged, and everything in between.

She brought her past to life and gave us a little taste of her slowly increasing fame. All with her own unique style and sound.

Skodi's "Skodi" Ep could arguably be one of the best bodies of work from a female rapper and also deserves to be named a classic in the underground world, but y'all aint ready for that!

4. "Good Times" By Jvstice

You may wonder how the "Good Times" Ep by Jvstice made it to this list, but this project gives off major Skizzy Mars, XXXTentacion, and Baby Keem vibes all at once. If you don't know who all of those artists are then are you even a real music lover?

Jvstice starts of his Ep with the track "Jerry Rice" by showcasing his improvement, juxtaposing the chorus and the main verse. A big flex and a big f*ck you to the haters, in my opinion.

After that, Jvstice, delivers different ranges of energies and quality work.

The "Good Times" Ep honestly has something for everyone, you'll have to check it out for yourself to see why it made it to our list of favorites this year. We promise you won't be disappointed!

5. "Rush Hour 2" By Aliff Rush

The Bay Area ain't talking about Aliff Rush enough, but honestly they the ones missing out, not us.

Aliff Rush (along with Ka$h Kyle) brought a new sound to The Bay that's underappreciated.

"Rush Hour 2" caught our attention early on this year with it's club trapper vibe and Aliff's unique voice.

"Zone Out," "Wavy," and "Spinnin' Off," raised the standards for how we look at Bay Area artists and anyone really, so we can't thank this project enough.

There was some many amazing projects to choose from and so many talented artists that is was so hard to pick just five, but luckily the year isn't over just yet so stick around to see who makes it to the final list!


5an's new album "THANK YOU 5AN" is out now!