Top 5: Things For Success Artists Overlook

We love you guys and are sick and tired of seeing amazing artists not get the recognition they deserve.

There are many things to an artist besides their music. From imagine to your consistency, there are so many things for success that so many artists overlook.

Here are the Top 5 Things You Should Stop Overlooking as an artist if you want to further your career:


Your sound is one of the most important things as an artist, if not the most important.

And we mean "sound" as in everything to do with your sound. Your voice, your pitch, track sound quality, your signature sound, and everything in between.

Your sound is how people recognize your music. If you have a sh*t sound quality or your whole sound as an artist is similar to 5 other artists then you're not going to go very far.

A few examples of utilizing your sound to your advantage are artists like Skodi, Logan Ghiorzi, CXNSTVNT. All these artists use sound to their advantage.

Skodi used to get so much sh*t about her lisp, but now that is one of the things she's recognized for. She uses an aggressive tone in most of her tracks and is now recognized as an aggressive rapper with a unique voice.

Logan Ghiorzi found himself a signature sound. A mix of alternative and hip-hop sounds that no one else has been able to replicate.

CXNSTVNT utilizes pitches in all his tracks. He's one of the best at it. He can go from a high range pitch to a low range and everything in between to set the energy of his tracks.

Being able to set an identifiable sound for yourself is so important. Sound quality is super important. Anything to do with your sound is the most important thing when it comes to your music.


Artist Brand is the second most important thing if not tie it in with #1, which is sound.

Your artist brand is how people identify you as an artist. Your image is important. Your motto, who you are, what you're about.

Some of the most infamous artist brands are Juice WRLD's 999, Playboicarti's Evil image, Marc Miller's happy and careless image, and XXXTentacion's advocation for mental health and doing what you love.

All those artist brands are what help people identify with an artist or find curiosity in them. Their brand has also helped them stay up in times where others are trying to tarnish their brand or reveal past mistakes that could have been career destroyers.

Your artist brand should identify with your sound. Marc Miller made happy and carefree music. He was known as a happy soul who was just carefree and loved living life. XXXTentacion was always for mental health and encouraging positivity. He may have had his ups & downs in the media, but he always stuck to his brand and made music that his audience could relate to and use as an outlet for their emotions.

Your artist brand also has a lot to do with how you portray yourself on social media and the quality of your posts. Two examples are S.U.R.F and 5an.

Both S.U.R.F and 5an are very active on both Instagram and Twitter. They post quality pics and share quality thoughts that represent who they are as an artist and still manage to stick to their artist brand.

Your artist brand is how your fans will see you so don't make it hard for people to remember you. If you need to rebrand that's okay, now is the time to do it.


I have no idea why some of you think your reputation doesn't matter. You go around hating on other artists and taking big talk as if you've already made it.

Right now setting your reputation is one of the most important things. It ties in with your image.

How do you want to be seen?

Most importantly how do you want to be seen internally in the industry?

Are you an artist who is about the music? The flexing? Are you a hard worker? Do you do good business? Are you a hater? Do you think you're the sh*t? Are you humble?

Your reputation matters so much. You don't have to go around letting people know who you are or go around trying to impress or go people-pleasing trying to get everyone to like you. That's not what we're saying.

What we're saying is.. when it comes down to business and the music who do you want to be seen as.

A great example we'll use again is Skodi.

Skodi on the outside may seem like an aggressive girl with an attitude, but everyone who knows her or she's interacted with knows that she's a respectable artist who is about uplifting real talent. She stays humble and doesn't go around flexing. She doesn't go around hating for no reason and she knows her worth and when to put her foot down. She's a reliable artist to work with and doesn't easily get down when it comes to people hating on her.

Skodi has a reputation as being a great artist inside and outside the industry.

Another example is 5an.

5an is for supporting the underground. She's known as a hard worker who knows what needs to be done to succeed. She knows how to go about business and doesn't slack off.

Your reputation is your internal imagine.

If you're one to hate or can't take feedback, are hard to work with, or people can clearly see you don't know how to go about business then you'll have a hard time setting up a good reputation.

Think about how you want to be seen and work towards that. Don't overlook your image just because you think your music is all that matters.


Another big thing artists overlook is networking.


If you're too shy or aren't ready to put yourself out there then you're not going to succeed anytime soon.

Networking has to with how far you can get and what opportunities you can open up for yourself or others can help open up for you.

Reaching out to other artists, producers, media pages, sound engineers, videographers is the best way to build a team of supports who will help you through your journey.

You can even reach out to big artists, pages, and so on. You never know... of course, don't go in there acting as if you deserve it or something because everything is earned or has a price... but it doesn't hurt to try.

Be strategic or just have fun.



One of the best things to go around in the underground is the phrase "I don't understand why artists only drop once a year like they're f*cking drake or something."

Because honestly... what does that do for you?

Consistency in everything you do as an artist is important. Whether it's making an IG post or dropping new music, being consistent is super important for success. The numbers you get in each post or track don't matter, because at the end of the day your consistency is getting people's attention.

Your consistency makes it hard for people to ignore you.

One of the biggest explains in the industry for this is Russ.

Russ dropped a track every week for the longest time and I was one to follow that. It became exciting to wait for the next drop and the next drop. It became a mentality of "How's he gonna top this one" or "Maybe the next one will be better."

He was consistent with his drops and his image. He established his artist brand, networked, and had a reputation as a hard worker. Eventually, people couldn't ignore him anymore.

Consistency lets people know that no matter what you're sticking to it till you make it. That you're working hard to perfect it and that you're not giving up.

We know that all the points made above may seem intimidating or hard to accomplish on a budget. Sometimes you might be scared of what people might say, but honestly... it has to be done.

Don't make excuses and really think about all the points above. You won't get it right the first time around, but you'll get there.

Don't overlook any of the points above because they may not apply right now, but they will in the future.

Let us know what you think about these tips here. Do you agree? Do you think we should post more blogs like this one?

Let us know!


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