Top 7 Female Artists We Love!

The underground and the music industry, in general, have always been dominated by men, but once in a while, a boss lady rips through the shadows to even out the playing field!

Here are 5 Female Artists showing off their boss moves in the underground:

  1. SKODI

If you don't know The Queen of Southside Florida by now you must be living under a rock.

Skodi is one of our favorite artists overall. With her lyricism, insane flow, and unique style there's no question as to why this young and talented boss has been blowing up lately and is soon to be making her debut at Rolling Loud Florida.

With that being said, there is no reason why she should not be on this list. We absolutely love her!

2. 5AN

Another Florida GOAT in the making is 5an and if you're a true Fugitive, you know just how much we love 5an.

With her insane energy and out-of-this-world tracks, 5an has always been one of our favorites. She can dominate any genre, from hyper-pop to drill to alternative, there is nothing she can't master.

One of the most genuine and humble artists in the industry.

She is one of the few artists we bet our money on as the next big thing!


Florida boss ladies just straight dominating this list!

Te Aly is one of our most well-kept secrets. We absolutely love her.

We fell in love with her back in 2020 with her track "WAR READY." All her tracks are just straight-up vibes and super addicting. She never drops mediocre tracks.

And even though she only drops once in a while, that doesn't stop her from making it to the list.

That's how good she is!


The hard-hitting Macksowavy is yet another Florida boss and she really is wavy!

The young and talented artist always keeps it real and always challenges herself.

She's got twerking tracks and straight memorable tracks where she shares her true emotions.

Macksowavy isn't afraid to use her music the way she wants to and we absolutely love her for it!

5. Riot Angel

The New York underground scene has got one boss lady looking to her city on the map and that's Riot Angel!

Riot Angel got her own unique style no one can do better than her.

The crazy talented artist has been putting in the work and showing off just how much she wants to be one of the greats to rise up from the underground.

She's got crazy creativity when it comes to her tracks and she isn't afraid to try new things.

The most impressive thing about Riot Angel is her drive. She never stops and she doesn't care what you say. She got her team and herself to lean on. It doesn't get better than that!


When it comes to R&B tracks there's no other artist we rather hear than Syrenitì!

This Atlanta boss got one of the most amazing and soothing voices ever.

We fell in love with her back in 2020 with her track "MMD" and it was love at first eargasm.

She has one of the most amazing voices in the underground and she really gets no recognition for it, but we are here to change that.

Syrenitì is yet another boss who only drops most of her music on SoundCloud, but that doesn't change the quality of her music or the love she puts behind it.

We just absolutely love her no matter what!


Last, but not least, We got Sojabrat!

When it comes to being different than the rest this Atlanta boss got the trophy.

Sojabrat has one of the most unique vibes and we love her because she really does not give a f*** what people got to say about her and her music. It's all real love. She does it for the love of music.

Her track "HAHA!" is the perfect example as to why we love her. Aside from her unique style and flow, she has proven her versatility from R&B tracks to hard trap tracks.

Sojabrat just ties the whole list together. We couldn't count her out!

These 7 bosses got something the industry can't live without and that's great music.

From Skodi to Sojabrat we absolutely love these artists.

What do you think of the list?

Found someone new you absolutely fell in love with?

Let us know here!


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