Top 3 Extremely Underrated Artists

Every so often THE CLUB runs through multiple freshly found artist and some are just so damn talented that it feels like they really deserve more attention.

Here are our Top 3 favorite Underrated Artist:

  1. JSAL

Florida has so much talent that it’s hard to single out just one artist, but JSAL is just different.

From versatility, to, lyrics, to style, JSAL’s got it all.

He doesn’t follow the usual Florida underground scene trap or hyper-pop he explores and master ever genre he can.

2. Young Kasho

The young and talented Canadian makes every track he drops sound like a future hit.

He’s flow and vibe make every track feel refreshing and he never fails when it comes to quality.

Youn Kasho is just an overall great artist.


Lastly, Mr. Soon To Be Rockstar, MANGO THE ONLY, is crazy underrated.

Besides being able to master any genre, MANGO THE ONLY is a crazy lyricist.

From Alternative rock tracks to heavy Trap tracks, there’s really nothing he can’t do.

What do y’all think of these amazing artists?

Let us know here!


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