Top 5: Favorite Arizona Artists

When it comes to music, Arizona, can't be put in a single box. Over the recent years, the Arizona underground scene has seem to have grown without an undefined sound.

Without an undefined sound, It's anyone's game to put Arizona on the map. From hip-hop to alternative pop and punk, here are 5 unique Arizona Artists:


Rich J Kid has been on our list of favorites for some times now.

The young 18 year old artist fist caught out attention with his single "One Point Five," which he did in collaboration with Mike Jay and the rest of The Wealthy Club LA.

One thing Rich has over every other arizona artist right now is versatility. He can pull off any current hip-hop trend and make it his own.

The perfect examples for his range are his drill track "KOBE" and one of his top track "I Can't Stop."

When it comes to Hip-hop in Arizona, Rich J Kid, got it in the bag and is running with it all 2021!


Logan Ghiorzi has got to be one of the most unique artists we've ever heard. If you want a fresh sound from Arizona Logan's your guy!

Last year in 2019, Logan Ghiorzi, released a fresh new track with a fresh new style titled "Fallin" and everyone was stunned.

The new track featured Logan's acoustic skills and his signature fast paced raps. Since then, Logan Ghiorzi became who he is now. One of the best in the Alternative rap genre.

We don't care what you say... HE's THE BEST.

At least from Arizona.

The young 18 year old artist is always growing his fan based and consistently putting out content. We can't wait to see how 2021 treats him!


19 year old, Bayymack, is yet another distinctive arizona artist!

With his alternative pop style, Bayymack, has managed to rack up a few streams and attention.

So far, Bayymack, seems to be one of the few artists out of Arizona to be doing alternative pop. Which just means he's that good at it.

His latest track "Goldfish" is just the perfect example of the type of vibe he puts out.

Bayymack just keeps getting better and better by the minute and it won't be long before he goes mainstream.. so you better keep an eye on him!


Who's got the meaning of Hip-hop written all over him? JORDYINADAZE DO!

When it comes to a traditional Hip-hop artist, JORDYINADAZE, is your guy. He's literally textbook Hip-hop and currently the only Arizona artist doing it how he do.

From his 'first' track on spotify "Fashion Over Fahrenheit" to his latest track "No Perks In Percs," JORDYINADAZE, just radiates GOAT energy. His flow and energy is similar to artist like Kendric Lamar and J. Cole and we won't be surprise when he finally blows up.

JORDYINADAZE is one Arizona artist you can bet on!


Now we know that KORRUPT isn't just a single artist, but rather a collective consisting of Gamdavii, NoHoeSteph, Vro4k, RUDEBOYURL, Vintaj, WHOKILLEDROI, PANCHOR3V3NGE, and more!

The Arizona group first caught our attention a while ago with their track "TecK DeCk." At first glance, KORRUPT, seemed like another Emo trap/rap group, but after getting to know them a bit more, we learned that they all have their unique style and individualism when it comes to their music.

From R&B to Trap, KORRUPT, can do it all.

They've previously stated that their goal is to establish a sound for Arizona and so far it's anyones game so they just might!

There is many other artist from Arizona that we love, like Tuxx, Jaxx, and Styda, but we had to bring it down to our Top 5 favorites.

What do y'all think of the list?

Do think Arizona already has a sound or is it still anyone's game?

Let us know here.


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