Top 5: Reasons You Aren't Getting The Support You Deserve!

The music industry is tough and with so much competition, you start to doubt yourself and possibly even quit.

Being an underground artist is rough, stressful, and overall scary, but you've made it this far. You've started and if it's your dream.... DON'T GIVE UP ON IT!

We know sometimes if may feel like you get no support, that no one is paying attention, or even feel disrespected by the community.

With that being said,

Here are the Top 5 Reasons You Aren't Getting The Support You Deserve:


Music careers aren't built overnight.

Often times it seems like artists get famous overnight, but that is never the case. Artists drop multiple tracks for sometime before they get their first break.

Not only that, but there is levels to it all. You can't hop on The Club and expect to be on XXL or Genius the next day.

Artists like Taylor The Creator went at it for 10+ years before getting to where they are at today.

Lizzo and Trevor Daniel got famous of tracks they had released years back.

Everything has it time, everyone has an audience, and you just have to learn to be patient.


One of the most common reasons people in the music industry, specially in the underground, hate on you or don't support you is your ego.

If you walk around hating on other artists or saying you're better than everyone then one is going to f*ck with you. Why hang around someone that's going to belittle you instead of teach and uplift you.

Is okay and very important to love yourself and know your worth. But be humble, stay lowkey, and don't get a big head.

Artists like MadeinTYO, Skodi, and 5an are known for always being about the culture and spreading love and support in the music industry and the underground.

Be humble, love yourself, and show love and support to others.


You dropped one great track and now you're stuck.

You sound quality isn't improving.

Or you haven't found your sound.

Maybe even all of them...

But regardless, you refuse to improve. You stay in the same spot. Don't experiment. Don't do anything to build your brand as an artist.

We understand it's hard to do things with no budget. You don't have to go all out. Just try new things. Show people that you're improving and making changes. It will help you feel better and attract attention, because people will see the hard work you're putting in and how much you really want it.

The best thing in life is learning and learning how to build and improve is the best way to get yourself were you want to go.


Often times you're stuck because you don't actively interact with people in the same industry as you. Honestly, networking is just a part of life. That's how you make friends, business partners, etc.

If you aren't networking then how do you expect recognition.

Networking helps you build an incircle support team that's just for you and the best part it's that it's people you chose. You show respect, they'll show respect. You support them, they support you.

You can network with anyone when you're in the music industry. There is so many people that form one artists team that you can literally build a relationship with anyone. Producers, engineers, videographers, songwriters, stylists, makeup artists, literally anyone.

So get out there and start networking.

Remember to be professional, straightforward, and to the point.

They aren't you homies just yet, but GO OUT AND NETWORK!


Lastly, one of the most important things to do in the music industry is to promote yourself and your work.

Countless we see artist that don't even promote their own music complaining about not getting any recognition.

How the hell are you gonna get support if we don't even know what you do...

You don't have to buy promotions if you don't have the cash, but media promotions are great way to get people to notice you. They also help establish professionalism and get you attention from other media networks that may show you support or even write about you.

And NO, we don't mean get one promo and you're done. We mean consistently have to promote yourself.

The more times people see your face, read your name, or listen to your track the better.

So what if it makes you seem annoying. Don't be scared to promote yourself and reach out to media networks. It's for your future.

All 5 reasons are the most common reasons as to why you aren't growing.

Learning patience is the biggest one.

You don't have to be an super talented artist to get the recognition you deserve. You just have put in the work, reflect, make sacrifices, network and be patient.

You can do it. People will start to notice you when it's your time!


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