Top 5: Favorite Unique Artists

With over 200 songs sent in to us everyday it's hard to not find beautiful and unique gems in the underground.

Some have been our favorites for sometime now others have just gotten on our list.

Here are our Top 5 favorite unique artists:


New Orlean artist, Jvstice, got an old school hip-hop vibe mixed with new gen boom bap!

Although, Jvstice, has showcased his versatility with different beat styles and flows, his unique voice and tendency to mix jazz into his tracks gives him a nice refreshing vibe.

His tracks 'Right Now,' 'Once in a Lifetime,' 'Medusa,' and 'Questions' are the perfect example and summary of just how unique this young artist really is.

The underground can't seem to catch Jvstice vibe just yet, but that's what makes him unique!


Florida's 'Queen Of The South Side,' AKA Skodi, is one of the most unique female artists in the underground.

Trap-punk-rapper- etc, What can't she do?

Best known for her trapper and rager vibes, Skodi, has proven time after time that she's an elite in the underground. From tracks like 'Rage Quit' and 'Sauce EM UP' to 'Stacy's Sister' and '2017,' it's clear the Skodi is just built differently.

One of the most unique things about her is her voice. Want to talk about her lisp? Yeah, that's her advantage forsure.

If we had to compare, Skodi is the Ski Mask of the underground. Only there's really no comparing as their styles are different, but the energy they both give out is insane!

Skodi is just built differently. PERIOD. No Comparison.


Arizona has a lot of attention coming its way this year. With so many different artists doing different kind of styles in Arizona it's hard to pick out the ones doing things slightly different, but one thing's for sure Jaxx is one of them.

Blending hip-hop and pop vibes just seems to be Jaxx's expertise. Tracks like 'Like This!' and 'AM' are just the type of tracks that no one in Arizona is even close to making.

Jaxx overall approach to music just seems to be different than anyone in the underground.

It's hard to explain, but if we had to compare, Jaxx's music is 'Lemonade' by Internet Money & Gunna, subtly different and refreshing.

His track 'Motion' is the perfect example of how unique this young artist really is.

Arizona really doesn't know what a gem Jaxx is but they'll find out soon enough!

4. 5AN

Rising Florida star, 5an, has to be one of the most unique female artists in the Soundcloud/Emo rap category.

Maybe even the only female artist who is currently on their way to stardom in that category.

5an's unique voice, energy, and experimental vibes are what make her tracks memorable.

Her tracks 'SITUATIONS,' 'DYIN2LIVE,' and 'Inside' are the best examples of all those traits.

Aside from that, 5an's lyrics are different than most and has often said that her recording process is often just vibing and freestyling on the mic.

5an just got more pull than any underground freshman in the game right now.

5. Logan Ghiorzi

Alternative-Rap artist, Logan Ghiorzi, is yet another unique artist out of Arizona.

Logan Ghiorzi has previously proven that he can conquer any music genre, but we all know he is best known for his acoustic guitar vibes and fast paced raps.

A unique sound we have only ever heard on Logan. Honestly, it's his sound. It's so unique that I don't think we've heard any mainstream artist with even a similar sound and style.

Logan Ghiorzi's whole 'Inside Out (Demos)' project is just the perfect example of what his style actually is..

Definitely different than anything any underground artist and possibly any mainstream artist is doing.

Logan Ghiorzi is one of the most unique artist we have ever heard and we hope the whole world can see that soon!

What do you think of Our Top 5 favorite unique artists? Do you know agree with us?

Let us know what you think and stick around for our next Top 5 post.


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